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Sore No-More Performance Liniment is our FEI compliant herbal formula designed for proven and effective pain relief in performance horses.


Performance horses face daily challenges that strain their muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Active horses are more likely to suffer from inflammation, pain, swelling, and injuries. You want your horse to feel limber and performing at their best. You need proven pain relief that’s safe for everyday use and regulated events.


Sore No-More Performance Liniment was developed by veterinarians with competitors in mind. The same trusted formula as our go-to Classic favorite with comfrey instead of lobelia to meet “Zero-Tolerance” regulations. Clinically proven to reduce back pain with no banned substances, harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, irritating herbs, synthetic or artificial ingredients. 


The potent blend of comfrey, arnica, witch hazel, rosemary, and lavender provides a safe, natural solution that’s proven to reduce pain. Limbers up and prepares muscles and soft tissue before exercise, reducing the risk of injury. Soothes and calms sore muscles, back pain, and leg fatigue. Stimulates circulation to draw out heat and toxins. Effective for easing horses back into a workout regime after an injury. It’s just as gentle on your hands as your horse’s skin.


Use anytime and anywhere to reduce pain and inflammation. Ideal for use before and after each ride to prevent injuries. As part of a daily grooming routine, Sore No-More Performance keeps equine athletes comfortable and performing at their best. Convenient spray-and-go solution for simple use during training and competition. Effective as a direct spray, massage, or refreshing bath brace. Safely use under tack, wraps, bandages, and ceramics.


Arenus is proud to offer Sore No-More Performance Liniment as a cost-effective and regulatory compliant liniment for performance horses.

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