Gallagher's Water - 12 Pack

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All-natural equine hydration beverage. A natural flavor enhancement powder mix designed to encourage horses to drink water.


How to Use:

1. Fill a two-gallon bucket with water

2. Pour contents of one packet into the water

3. Stir until it is mixed and serve immediately


  • Offer as needed for re-hydration after workouts, to encourage horses to drink during travel, to aid dispensing medications or offer as a treat.
  • Not intended to serve as free-choice or as a replacement for your horse's drinking water. 
  • Always have fresh water available for your horse.
  • Consult your veterinarian when introducing your horse to a new product.
  • Contents not intended for human consumption. 


For those with sugar-intolerant horses, the sugar content of one serving is equal to 2% of your horse's daily sugar intake. This product was formulated around Gallagher, who is also a sugar-intolerant horse.

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5/5 Stars Date: August 24, 2022 Reviewed by: Priscilla Brown This stuff really works!!

I have now substituted Gallagher’s Water for cookies! The hydration it provides is so much better for him and he loves it! After our workout, traveling, and giving meds…I will never be without this amazing beverage. I’m so glad this product has been introduced…finally I can get him to drink on demand! Love it!