Consignment Policy & Other Services

Commission Information


  • 25% on SADDLES based on selling price regardless of check payout or store credit.

  • 25% taken on OTHER ITEMS based on selling price for STORE CREDIT.

  • 50% taken on other items based on selling price for a CHECK PAYOUT.

Any item not sold after 6 months from receipt will be reduced in price by 50%.

Any item not sold after 1 year will be donated to an applicable charity.

It is the consignee's responsibility to pick up any items before the 1 year deadline if they do not wish those items to be donated.

Horsemen's Outlet does not notify customers when items sell.  The consignee may call to inquire as to items sold and available credit.

Checks are issued with 60 days of the date of sale, if requested.


General Information


  • Items generally take 3-6 weeks to be put out on the floor after drop off, due to high volume of drop offs.

  • Items should be clean and dry when dropped off; items that are wet can become moldy due to storage in a bag.

  • Items are taken seasonally (i.e. fly sheets in summer, heavy blankets in winter), in order to increase chance of selling at full price.

  • Consignment checks (if requested) are cut once a month, towards the end of the month, and are mailed out the month following the request.

Please email with any additional questions, or call 908-238-1200.


All items are consigned at owner's risk.  Horsemen's Outlet is not responsible for any damages, loss, or theft of consigned items.




Blanket Washing & Repairs:

  • Blanket Wash: $22

  • Foal/Mini Blanket Wash: $14

  • Hood, saddle pad, or fly mask: $10 each

  • Shipping Boots: $30 per set

  • Repair prices vary.

  • Turnaround time is generally 1-2 weeks for blankets being washed only, 3-4 weeks for blankets being washed and repaired

    • Blankets must be freshly cleaned before being repaired

  • Blankets being washed must be picked up within 90 days or they will become the property of Horsemen's Outlet

  • We offer blanket washing and repairs only, we do not offer waterproofing.


Clipper Blade Sharpening & Clipper Servicing

  • Blade sharpening: $8.50 per blade

  • Clipper Servicing prices vary

  • Turnaround time is generally 1 week for blade sharpening/service, unless parts are needed for clipper servicing.


Custom Nameplate Ordering & Installation

  • Nameplates can be ordered in store only, and must be paid in full.

  • We have a full selection of plates that can be used for bridles, saddles, martingales, breastplates, girths, halters, gifts, stalls, bracelets, and more!

  • Prices vary dependent on plate size and text

  • Installation is included in ordering price

  • Installation is dependent on designated staff being in store and available. Calling the store is the best way to find out.


Boot & Zipper Repair

  • Zipper Repair: $75 per zipper

  • Other repair prices vary

  • Turnaround time is generally 1-2 weeks


Saddle Fitting

  • Saddle fitting fee is $100 for fitting, and $1.75 for mileage past 20 miles from Horsemen's Outlet

  • Appointments must be made ahead of time with Paula, and can be done via phone or email.


  • If you decide to purchase a NEW saddle after your fitting, your $100 fee is put towards the purchase price; If you do NOT purchase a NEW saddle, the fee is not refundable.


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